This is the Tech Stack for the Medical MBA.

This is an evolving, recommendations only guide – if you see it here we use it.

Website Builders


NOTE: There are two versions of WordPress –> .org & .com
For many reasons, we recommend
  1. Free platform
  2. (almost) infinite customisation
  3. 43% of the world’s websites (including & are built using it

The complete Medical MBA ecosystem is built up from a WordPress base. is a viable, yet short term, alternative.

The biggest difference is that is a managed hosting service. That means you don’t have to buy a domain name, worry about what server to host on etc.

You still own all of the content – posts, pages, media, followers, comments, etc – that you build within your website. And you can download or move that content anywhere you like.

But in some cases, you can’t take the theme, plugins and configuration settings with you if you move that content, as they may be specifically provided to you as built-in features by

In the long term, having your own professional domain like or and not being trapped within payment tiers when you want to add functionality to your website.


Website Hosting


We’ll post a full review soon, but safe to say there are a myriad of website hosting services out there.

You need one of these to host your domain, ie. on a server.

Some providers, like 1&1 IONOS and GoDaddy to name a few offer to host your website for as little as £1 per year.

Don’t do it.

As with everything, you get what you pay for. Qualities like server speed, security, compatibility wth WordPress and customer service are vital when running a business.

You don’t want your whole business to go offline becuase your cheap server couldn’t handle the workload.

Siteground starts at ~ £2.99 a month and provides exceptional value and customer service.


Call Schedulers

You don’t have time to always be available to potential new customers or clients. Before you begin growing a team it helps to leverage modern software.

Acuity Scheduling and Calendly are the two biggest players in the space. They both have their strengths and weaknesses but either are a great pick for fledgling entrepreneurs.

We use both at The Medical MBA.

 🥇 Email Providers

We could write a whole lesson on this, but having a business email address and a way of collection emails is perhaps surprisingly the #1 thing any modern business should have sorted out before launch.

There are many reasons behind this but the main one is ownership. All companies need to do some form of marketing and outreach.

Today, many turn to social media platforms from Linkedin to Tiktok in an effort to engage, inform and hopefully convert.

However social media fads come and go, terms and conditions change and essentially – you don’t ‘own’ any of your connections, fans or followers on any of these platforms.

Email has been and still is the only ‘private ownership’ tool that we have left in the digital landscape.

There are a few key players, we use Convertkit, many also use MailChimp.
Both offer free subscription plans that are more than enough to get you going.